Global Assessment Certificate

The GAC is a skills-based university preparation program designed for students whose first language is not English. The program puts a significant focus on building the soft skills necessary for university students to succeed. Its assessments challenge students to think critically, build confidence, and sharpen the essential skills needed for language, learning, and presentation.

  • The GAC consists of Levels I―III, with a fast track option available for those who meet the specified entry requirements.
  • GAC modules include Academic English, Mathematics, Computing, Study Skills, Business, Science and Social Science supported by a systematic study of learning skills for success at university.
  • Elective units allow students to choose between the International English Language Testing System™ (IELTS) and the Test of English as a Foreign Language® (TOEFL) preparation, and they also have the option of taking an additional mathematics module during Level III.
  • Preparation for the ACT® test. This is supplementary to the GAC core curriculum and is provided so that students have an additional recognized university entrance qualification for application to university.

The Global Assessment Certificate™ program includes lectures, seminars, tutorials, group work, class discussion, and presentations. As the language of instruction is English, students are expected to speak in English at all times in the classroom. Regular assessments, assignments, teacher feedback, and examinations enable students to demonstrate their knowledge and skills. The assessments, especially in Level III, are designed to prepare students for the challenges of university study, and include the same kind of assessments found at university in the first year:

  • role-plays and oral presentations
  • written summaries
  • critical analysis of written texts
  • journals and other documents showing planning, reflection and drafting
  • group projects and presentations
  • researched essays and reports
  • examinations
  • skills tests and course participation grades